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The term "Photonics" comes from "photon", the basic quantum unit of light.

Photonics is the science and technology of the study and the application of light, incorporating optics, laser technology, electrical engineering, materials science, and information storage and processing.

Over the past decades following the invention of the laser a photonics revolution has been quietly taking place. Technology based on light can be found in nearly every aspect of people's life, from entertainment to healthcare. The optoelectronics industry has brought about such products as compact disc players, laser printers, bar code scanners and laser pointers. The fiber optic technology has literally revolutionized the telecommunication industry by providing higher performance, more reliable telecommunication links with ever decreasing bandwidth cost.

"Photonics is emerging as one of the most important technologies of the future. Using light to store, transfer and sense data of all types, photonics - the practical application of light - is the next step in the technological revolution. Photonics has already begun to transform the world in which we live. And it is our creativity and ingenuity that will realize this potential."


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